Stott Elementary is a PBIS school, and uses the guiding principles of Positive Behavior Intervention Support as our discipline plan. PBIS is a school-wide system of positive behavior support, with common language and consistent expectations and consequences designed to enhance the capacity of school to educate all students.  At Stott, we are focused on reinforcing and helping to build respectful, responsible and kind behavior.

The formal description states that PBIS is a systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to educate all students by establishing:

a) Clearly defines outcomes that relate to academic and social behavior

b) Systems that support staff efforts

c) Practices that support student success

d) data utilization that guide decision making

Here are some of the ways that we reward Respectful, Responsible and Kind behavior at Stott:

  • Individual tickets are given to students demonstrating respectful, responsible and kind behavior. These tickets can be used in their class for rewards.
  • Teachers nominate a student every week from their class who has exemplified respectful, responsible and kind behavior.  These students received a Stott wristband and they will have their name announced on the Stott news show.

Classes are able to work toward rewards as a group.  When a whole class is recognized for their respectful, responsible and kind behavior, they are able to earn a class point.  Once the class accumulates 8 points (spelling out the word Stallion), they are able to vote on a whole class reward such as pj day, extra recess time, etc.

How can you support your student at home?

  1. A core principle of PBIS that you can use at home is the 5:1 rule.  For every corrective statement made, provide five positive statements or praises of your child's behavior.  
  2. Use Stott expectations (Respectful, Responsible and Kind) to reinforce student behavior at home.
  3. Talk to your student about what these behavior expectations look like at home and in the community.



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